About Me

Chris grew up in the Northeast and began working for his parents at a very young age. He has always been a risk-taker with a passion to employ his community. Today he currently owns a variety of small businesses based out of Austin, TX and Machiasport, ME. With over 25 years of experience owning and operating businesses, he has dealt with a diverse group of people from clients to employees to competition. All this experience has taught him that relationships matter, people matter. Guilt and shame are the chains that bind us to bad behavior and lead to isolation. Chris believes that when we walk in vulnerability and empathy, we can find our way towards a relationship. The beauty of culture when people gather together should be celebrated and cultivated, not ignored.

Chris has made it his personal purpose to help people do the hard work of self-introspection in order to love and serve the people around them because when we get better, the culture around us gets better.

Chris's Career


MSB Consulting launches in Texas and in 2011 Chris Meroff purchases the Texas Contracts


MSB Consulting becomes the market share leader in Texas




The Garden restaurant brand opens



Event Collective + Nourished Catering are established for all of your event needs in the greater Austin area


Exits MSB Consulting and funds Dirigo Capital Partners


  •  Establishing Maine Woods Outfitters and Venture Ranch (a venture studio)
  • Upcoming book “The Empathy Revolution” coming October 17th, 2023

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