Four Simple Steps for Leaders to Create Employee Engagement Fulfillment

About the book

Leadership can be hard, lonely, and confusing. Learning to juggle new responsibilities is one thing, but nothing can prepare you for the anxiety you’ll feel over how you’re perceived, or the ever-present fear that you might disappoint your team or your leader. Align, by Chris Meroff, shares four simple steps that will transform the way you lead, renew your self-confidence and spark change. Through this process, you’ll develop the courage to connect with your team in a meaningful way and start winning together. If you want to create alignment within your organization and create a culture built on employee fulfillment, this book shows you exactly how to get there:

A note from the author

“I am an avid reader and consumer of books, especially books that inspire and teach me. But, when trying to learn about how to be a better leader for my organization – I was getting frustrated. There are 1,000s of books on leadership, and yet after every book I read, I didn’t feel any change. But then, something shifted in my organization that challenged my thoughts and beliefs. I wrote Align, to share my leadership discoveries and failures with the hope that others could benefit from my lessons. My philosophy on leadership is rooted in loving and serving others. What happened in my organization when I fully leaned into my philosophy was nothing short of inspiring. I want every leader to experience the joys of seeing people living out their purpose and finding fulfillment in the workplace.”

Chris Meroff