The Empathy Revolution


About the book

Chris shares his personal story of how he has transformed from a command and control style leader to one that values the humanity of people more than the business itself. Before, Chris viewed people as a means to an end, but now, people are the end. He learned that business success will eventually come up short and never truly fulfilled his purpose and desires of being a business owner. When only focused on products and services, it left him feeling alone, burnt out, resentful and forever necessary to make the business succeed. Through great accountability, practicing empathy and vulnerability, he was finally able to discover the heart of authentic leadership. This heart of leadership requires self sacrifice and vulnerability in order to trade your authority and power, as the leader, for your employee’s success and greatness. Chris learned that his people had incredible gifts and talents to offer, they just needed to be unleashed.

In The Empathy Revolution, Chris Meroff reveals his leadership journey offering practical examples and personal stories that will help you unlock the greatness in your people, your organization, and yourself. If you want to change the way leadership is defined and be inspired to love and serve your people, this book will guide you on how to do that:

Praise for the Empathy Revolution

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